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ACTOR / VOICE ACTOR/Voice of Hockey Night in Canada, Olympics/FIFA World Cup and more

Latest News

Jeff has just signed on to " The Feet Collectors" and shoots in Costa Rica this December.

Jeff has been busy this fall filming "The Return" " A Dog called Wolf" and more.

We are so excited to share Jeff has landed the lead role in the upcoming LIFETIME movie " Mommy's Little Princess" Shooting starts late July 2018!

If you are playing Far Cry 5, you absolutely have been hearing and "seeing" Jeff all over it!

Jeff has been working over the past while on another major Video Game coming this fall.

Jeff landed an amazing role this past winter in an upcoming Netflix original movie. More on that soon!

Watch for Jeff , June 9th at 8PM. He is back for some more Darkmatter as Anders!!!! SYFY in the USA and Worldwide. SPACE in Canada.

Watch for Jeff on Sunday June 4th 8 PM on LIFE in the USA. He is costaring in " The Perfect Soulmate".

Watch for Jeff in the upcoming 12 Monkeys Season 3 reprising his role as Agent Stack.

Jeff has been quietly working on a major video game franchise over the last while. We can not announce yet, but it is awesome!

December will be a BLUR!!! Jeff will be shooting SYFY's DARK MATTER & 12 MONKEYS. Along with a new Recurring role on the show GAMER and right after starts a supporting lead in THE PERFECT SOULMATE in Ottawa!!

Jeff has landed a role on ABC's Designated Survivor shooting in October!

Jeff has a great cameo in the upcoming Goliath with Jessica Sipos.

Jeff has landed a role on SYFY's THE EXPANSE!!!

Jeff will be shooting a Movie over the next few months with Brooke Shields and Beau Bridges!!

Jeff is set to start shooting "Dark Matter this December!

Jeff just wrapped up shooting for Discovery's MayDay!

Jeff is shooting a Supporting role in Lifetime's "Killing Mommy"!

Jeff is now shooting a recurring role on SYFY'S 12 Monkeys!!

Great news!! Jeff has landed a Recurring role on SYFY'S "Dark Matter" and a lead role in the upcoming TIP Film "The Bear". More soon!

You can hear Jeff in the beginning of Hockey Night in Canada

If you are watching the big event this summer you may hear a lot of Jeff. Jeff has signed on as The Voice of THE FIFA WORLD CUP!!

Your going to hear a lot of Jeff this February. Jeff will repeat his role as "The Voice of the Olympics" for CBC in Sochi! Considering his has 6 tv ads running at the same time, he will be hard to miss!

Watch for Jeff as he appears in a great role on the upcoming "Ancestor's" episode of Beauty and the Beast! On CW in the USA Jan 20th. 19th in Canada on Showcase.

We are excited to announce Jeff has landed a Guest star role on the upcoming CTV series "Played"!!

We can now confirm Jeff has major roles in Ubisoft's Upcoming Tom Clancy Splinter Cell's new installment..Blacklist!!

Jeff has landed the extremely prestigious " Voice of the CBC Network". Starting July 2012!! You can now hear him all the time. This means he will be on hiatus from on camera work for a few months till things settle down. You can still hear him though on countless TV and radio ads on air now.

Jeff lands another great role as "Sneddon" on HBO's The Transporter. He actually landed an amazing recurring role on a big 3 network show, but could not fit the two in the shooting times. A real shame, but he was happy to have been wanted for it. Meantime in June you can hear him in over 10 tv spots currently airing.

Jeff lands his biggest role yet on  Showcase's XIII! Watch for him later this year.

Jeff lands a role on the Animation series Bakugan!

Jeff Lands new recurring roles on CBC's "Trust Inc" and "Afghanada" !

Jeff lands on an episode of CBS's hit series Flashpoint!!

Jeff lands episodes of USA Network's  hit "Covert Affairs" and the upcoming "Suits"!

Jeff signs on the animation series  "Beyblade"  as Argo Garcia! Starts recording late March

Currently Jeff has 7 ads on tv and 8 on radio

March 18 is the release date for Warriors: Legends of Troy (Jeff voices numerous roles)

Upcoming eps. Rookie Blue, Dan for Mayor and Syfy's Three inches

Jeff can be seen on the first episode of Breakout Kings coming out March 2011

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